Project Description


Book design

Bid is a drummer, producer, songwriter, dj and performer, and is well known for his drumming work with renowned electronic act, Leftfield.

Bid approached me in summer 2018, with the first draft of his eDrumming book and plenty of enthusiasm.

The Art of eDrumming is a comprehensive guide to using and playing electronic drums, written with vast amounts of passion and experience, and a touch of rock n’ roll.

We agreed upon the concept of the cover design inspired by the collage art of the Sex Pistols and the aesthetic of layered posters at gig venues. Bid works closely with all brands featured on the cover design, therefore all logos have been approved for use.

In contrast, the inside pages follow a clean, methodical layout, to create a straightforward learning experience for the user. The use of yellow throughout was inspired by a tongue in cheek influence of? the ‘For Dummys’ book series. Text and images are accompanied by scannable QR codes, from which users can directly access tutorial videos created by Bid himself.

I’m very humbled to have had the opportunity to work with Bid on this project.