Good Deeds & Highs

The Wonder Stuff
Good Deeds & Highs Single

It’s an absolute privilege to be able to create artwork for The Wonder Stuff.

Good Deeds & Highs was the second single to be released from the album 30 Goes around the Sun in 2016.

Celebrating a rich history, I wanted to maintain the integral look and feel associated with the band that fans admire, whilst creating a vibrant creative solution that champions The Wonder Stuff’s 2016 presence.

This project has been completed during my employment at GRIN.

img_7627 img_7642TWS-Flyer_Mockup

2016-TWS-Tshirt-Visual-Proofs 2016-TWS-Tshirt-Visual-Proofs2

Project Outcome: Limited edition 10 inch pressed on electric blue vinyl, digital single artwork and supporting promotional materials, tour t-shirt.