Masgrove's Communications (Concept work)

An internal communications company needed a brand refresh to promote their services. Masgrove’s offer training and advice to working environments.

Concept 1

The fluidity of communication is personified through using a wave shape that also forms the brand initial of M. This shape creates a strong brand mark alone and can be developed to work as a pattern device. The dual contrasting colours within the wave are representative of the seamless flow between two parties through improved relations gained by utilising Masgrove’s expertise. A reversed outline version can be used over photography and in particular on the Masgrove’s website. Soft, rounded type creates a more personable and friendly tone to the brand.




Concept 2

A rounded typeface creates a friendly, approachable image. Speech marks have been recreated from the shapes formed by the type and illustrate conversations that can happen throughout the mentoring process. The speech marks are also representative of the positive discussions that can occur as a result of the Masgrove’s influence. A warm sunny colour has been chosen to represent the uplifting effect Masgrove’s can have on a business. Within the M brand mark the representation of a conversational element is still present.